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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Road Trip!

We left the Ramada Inn just after 8 AM and made it into Waterloo about 9:20. Our first stop was the Kitchener/Waterloo Art Gallery (kw/ag) to see the Grand National Quilt Show 2007 "Fantasy". This was a fantastic display of quilting and fibre art by 64 Canadian artists.

Here is the Ethlyndryal the Protector by Hilary Rice, a mixed media quilt that includes some metallic work and embellishments. Double click on the photo below to get a better look at her amazing work (also remember she will be doing a workshop at the Russian Quilt show in Ailsa Craig!)

We then boarded the bus again at about 10:30 and we were off to the Waterloo County International Quilt Festival held at Rim Park. Here are a few photos of my favourites out of over 200 quilts we viewed...enjoy!

The first few are of some of the CQA/ACC Juried Show winners of excellence in Canadian contemporary quilting.

Above Zodiac by Martha Brown, below Camelot by Judy Garden:

"Celebrating, Sewing, Showing, Sharing" by Della Radcliffe and Judy Morningstar:

Ontario Juried Quilt Show 2007, "Elephant Walk" by Winnifred Masson:

Here is one sample of the 12 embellishment artists on display: Hot Lava

One exhibit from Austria, highlighted the achievements of her greatest women in music, literature, art or science. This one shows the different dirndls from different areas of Austria.

Also on display were entries into the Ontario Juried Quilt Show. Below is a detail close up of one from Reta Budd:

Also there were the 2006 Hoffman Challenge Winners' Collection of wallhangings and wearables.

And then there was the vendor exhibit! I know I spent my budget for the day! Did you know that our vp is a very spontaneous person? She managed to arrange another side trip to Kitchener Textiles where the gave us all a 20% discount. Then it was off to Shakespeare to The Quilt Place to view the "Journeys in Cloth" exhibit featuring the works of Rosemary Plummer and the miniatures of Henny Bremer. Then home to London by 6PM! Whew! What a day!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Bus trip to Waterloo

For those who are going on the bus trip: you need to be at the Ramada Inn at Wellington Rd S/Exeter Rd by 7:45 AM for boarding. The bus leaves at 8AM and returns for 6PM in London. Parking is available at the Ramada, away from the entrance but near the OPP station. Meals are your own responsibility, so you can bring your own or get something at the snack bar at Rim Park. One bottle of water per person will be provided on the bus.

See you there!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Laurel Hevenor-Vallence of Meals on Wheels, graciously accepted our gift of 87 placemats! Good job ladies! Laurel was quite pleased with the placemats and said they would be saved to be given out with their special Christmas baskets. Meals on Wheels London depends on friendly, dedicated volunteers and if any of you ladies would like to help, you can get more information at their website at

May's Secret Notion was 'pincushion' and you ladies didn't disappoint! I have never seen such a variety of pincushions! There was a teapot, a chaise lounge, and there was that said "Dear Mother, 1940"(the one wrapped in plastic). There are rumours that someone wants to give a workshop, next year, for making pincushions; I think they might great mother's day gifts!

There are still a few people unfamiliar with the Secret Notion idea. Every Monday before our guild meetings I will post on this blog a Secret Notion to bring to the guild meeting. Those that bring the Secret Notion will receive a ticket for the draw for a fat quarter. So check out the blog regularly!

Garnet Smalley of Cotton-by-Post, in Ailsa Craig, came by to show us a sampling of the Russian Quilts that will be appearing at his Russian Quilt Show. This is going to be some event! 25 Russian quilters are planning on attending this show. The course and event schedule and payment details are posted on his website.

He spoke of the difficulty of co-ordinating so many quilters and their quilts, and needing a translator, but what a wonderful learning experience it has been! The ladies from Russia, who visited earlier this year, were overwhelmed by the selection of fabrics and the fact we had entire stores dedicated to just quilting! They seem to have a shortage of batting in Russia and their quilts are stiffer than we are used to. Here's a sample of a pair of wall-hangings called Positive-Negative:

I will try and post more photos of the Russian Quilts when I receive them.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

May's Guild Meeting and AGM

Next Meeting:
Thursday, May 10, 7:15PM at St George's Presbyterian Church 1475 Dundas St E.

This is our last regular meeting of the year, so there is some final business to take care of:

Any outstanding library books must be returned at this meeting.

Payment for the dinner at Best Western's Stoneridge Inn in June is due and is $36.

Questionnaires need to be handed in. We really value the input of members and these will help the executive plan next year's activities.

Final call for placemats for Meals on Wheels! Executive Director of Meals on Wheels Laurel Hevenor-Vallance will be attending to personally accept the Guild's gift of placemats.

Bring an extra 'looney' for this great guide to quilt and fabric shops in Ontario. Compiled by our own Guild Historian, Mary-Lou, it consists of a thorough listing of all quilt and fabric shops in Ontario. This is a handy thing to keep in the car when travelling around the province this summer! The money collected will be saved for future guild events.

Garnet Smalley from Cotton-by-Post will talk about the upcoming Russian Quilt Exhibit.
Laurel Hevenor-Vallance from Meals on Wheels.

Door Prizes:
Don't forget to wear your name-tag, your chatelaine, bring your own mug or drink, and your secret notion to receive tickets for the draw! One ticket for each item brought!

Secret Notion: Pincushion

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stitch 'n Bitch in Grand Bend

Although it started out wet, dreary, and foggy, it actually turned into a lovely day! It was a small intimate group: 3 plus photographer!

We actually accomplished a lot!

Thanks Barb, for letting us spend the day with you at your lovely cottage!