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Monday, March 26, 2007

Kids Quilts' Bee

A rainy Saturday proved to be a great quilty day for us. I think there were 10 of us over the day long who came to work a while. We pieced, pinned, batted, basted, quilted, pressed and bound all day.

Our drop in work day was a lot of fun and quite a few quilts were hurried along their way, nearly ready to be put in the arms of children in the care of our local Children's Aid Society.

We appreciate every bit of the effort that goes into making these beautiful quilts. Whether you help by donating fabric, quilting, binding, working on the piecing or assembling, it all helps us to give quilts to those children who are "in care" with practically nothing of their very own.

A special hurrah! to Mibsie who must be the Kids Quilts master piecer. I cannot even guess at how many tops she has cut, pieced and assembled for the kids -- all of which are bright and wonderful!

I hope the attendees enjoyed our quick serger quilt demo loosely based on Kaye Woods Six Hour Quilt and AM Jackson's NIN quick Quilt method. I bet these ladies will be saving all their trimmings now!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Quilts Stolen!

Terrible news for Robyn Pandolph, who were were fortunate to have a visit from only two weeks ago. Back home in Galveston , on March 17, Robyn's car was broken into. Two suitcases containing 30 of her beautiful hand-appliqued quilts were stolen! To think that these special quilts representing so many years of work are gone makes one's heart sink. Robyn must feel devastated. Pass this information to all you know. The more people out there who know the situation, the better. Hopefully, the quilts will soon be recovered and returned to Robyn.

You can read about it in the Galveston County Daily News.

Monday, March 12, 2007

More Robyn!

Yes, a few more photos to share with you! Below, the LFQG executive treated Robyn to a dinner out! Remember ladies (and Peter), this is just one of the fun perks of being on the executive, getting to know our guests on a more personal level. Something to think about when it's election time! It's not just hard work, there is lots of laughter and good times.

Here are a couple of photos from the 2nd workshop on the Saturday. Both workshops were sold out!

This group seems to be a bit more studious and organized!

Please note, for more photos, go to the flikr badge at the sidebar and click on one of the photos. It should bring you to all this year's guild photos. You can also view them as a slideshow there.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Guest Speaker: Robyn Pandolph

Robyn Pandolph's quilting designs and inspiration came originally from her grandmother, who was a prolific quilter. "UFO's are nothing new!" she says, as told us of how her grandmother would routinely give tours of her quilting projects on the go, baskets of fabric to be cut, quilt on the frame, quilts by the machine. Although taught to sew at age 9, she didn't take up quilting herself until her own 4 children were a little older. She thought all quilts should remind her of her grandmother, so she liked to over-dye and bleach her fabrics to give them a 'vintage' look. The softer and more peaceful, the better. She designed all her own quilts and was soon asked to teach at the local store and she joined the Lakeview Quilters Guild.

She came up with the first Block of the Month design called Folk Art Angel to be introduced at Quilt Market in 1994. It was a hit and she started her own quilt pattern company, which lasted about 8 or 9 years. Although that company no longer exists, she says you can still find some of her patterns at

At Quilt Market her over-dyed and bleached Folk Art Wedding quilt was such a hit that in 1997 Moda fabrics asked Robyn to work for them as a fabric designer. When everyone was producing dark fabrics, her soft romantic look became the new rage. In 1998, she came out with her first fabric design. She was told that if 100,000 bolts were ordered that she would be lucky; she had 300,000 bolts ordered of her first design! She worked for Moda for 7 years. Needing a change, she was enticed to move to South Sea Imports. She worked for them for 3 years and now she is happy to announce her new home at Free Spirit and her new line Empress Woo.

Robyn did her amazing trunk show to a full church of about 145 people.

Robyn's fabric and books, were available for sale from Sharon at Quilter Supply in Hyde Park. Robyn stayed for awhile to sign books.

A pat on the back and a great deal of thanks Quilter Supply and Quilt Works for help sponsoring this event, and the membership for 2 years of fundraising, and Barb A. and the LFQG Executive for help coordinating this event, and of course to Robyn for an amazing show!

Robyn Pandolph Workshop: Creating Your Own Folk Art Applique

Robyn's goal in teaching this workshop is to inspire and motivate individuals to create unique, personal quilts that will carry the maker's identity through the ages. She started by giving us a brief history of American Folk Art and its strong roots in freedom, democracy, and individuality.

She gave us plenty of time to draw and bring out our inner creativity. She brought a sample of what we would be working on:

and supplied a pattern, but encouraged us to put our own unique stamp on the project. Here, for example, I changed the house to reflect the design of my own house:

Robyn gave out handouts with tips on designing as well as tips on her needle-turn applique method. She did demos for small groups of 5, and still had plenty of time to give individuals personal instruction.

Bonus! She gave all that attended the instructions to make this nifty soft sewing basket:

All that attended had a great time and came out of the workshop with new skills! Thanks Robyn, for sharing your time and expertise!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Placemats for Meals on Wheels

Here is a link for a series of patterns for placemats. Lots of time to make yours for the "May Challenge".
All the collected placemats are being donated to Meals on Wheels.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This Thursday's Meeting with Robyn Pandolph

Hello London Friendship Quilting Guild Members,

Robyn Randolph has arrived in Canada...burr no Texas
weather to greet her.

Our meeting will be upstairs & full meeting, there will
be no Show & Share & no refreshments served. You may
want to bring bottled water or juice for the Break time
downstairs. The upstairs of the church will be lit up,
enter as usual at the side door. Elizabeth M & Christine R
will greet you, please sign in as you enter.

Lynn D. will open the library at 6:15, so you can return
books and have a look at others.

We will be having a auction of a working Vintage Singer
Sewing Machine,as shown in photo below We will also auction
off our Mystery Box, so bring cheque or cash & participate
in this fun Guild event.

If you can carpool with someone that would be helpful to
control the parking lot situation.
This Thursday will be a fun memorable evening...see you there!

Best regards,

Cynthia M-R