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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quilt Guild Bingo

For the January meeting, we will be holding a Quilt Guild Bingo! The idea was originally published in September/October 2006 Fons and Porter. Each member is asked to make a fabric bingo card and use buttons as markers. The tickets will be called out, ie "Under the blue row, paisley." If you have such a square, place a button marker on that square. The first person to cover one row of 5 squares in any direction wins.

The card is made up of 25 - 2.5 inch fabric squares. You will need to make 5 colour rows: 1) blue 2) red 3) green 4) yellow&/or orange 5) pink &/or purple of fabric in the following categories: batik, floral, geometric, heart, leaf, metallic, holiday, novelty, paisley, plaid, solid, star, stripe, or 1930's print. The rows can be in any order, except that row #3 must have a black centre square.

From the above sample: left row, from top to bottom: Blue batik, blue novelty, blue plaid, blue stars or hearts, blue flowers or leaves. Note that it is possible that the same square can be in more than one category, but the blue star or heart, cannot be a red heart. Even though the heart itself is red, it is not in the red row.

If you have not received your copy of the instructions, email or phone Christine R. or myself and we will make arrangements to get you a copy. Here are a few more samples:


Unknown said...

Can you tell me how long each "game" took when you played your Quilt Bingo? How many games did you play at your meeting? I'm thinking of hosting this at our guild meeting and I'd like to know how many prizes to plan for!

Guild secretary said...

Hi there: Hope you will see this reply to your comment as your comment came in set at no reply and there is no email contact on your profile to reply to.

We did the quilt bingo at our guild in February usually when the weather is iffy and we didn't have a speaker. So, we'd do business, have a break and then do about three or four rounds. Some go a lot quicker than others of course, so it's hard to tell exactly.

Hope this helps.

Blog Editor