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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hands on Christmas

It was a great turn out, despite the weather! There was a lot of calories on the snack table; we had more than enough treats, that's for sure!Thank you ladies! We started the evening off with our usual Show and Share, with Chrismas as our theme. Beautiful quilts and wallhangings! Cynthia interrupted the evening several times with her jingle bells, signaling another draw for a fat quarter and for a few patterns as well!

After snack, each executive member held a mini demo for a christmas decoration.

Deb's pincushion ornament

Cynthia N's button wreath

Cynthia M-R's felt mittens

Linda's coasters

Lynn's star ornament

Phyllis and Christine's yo-yos

Rose's stuffed snowmen

It was newsletter time! If you were unable to attend the meeting, your newsletter will be mailed to you. We were also giving out a fat quarter from Laurel Birch's Ocean Songs for this year's guild challenge. The details of the challenge is in the newsletter and there will be a separate post about it on this blog. The evening ended with more draws, this time for plates of left over snacks! And to top it all off, we managed to finish the evening by 9PM

Christine and Deb: reception

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