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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Guest Speaker: Kathleen Bissett

Kathleen Bissett with "Autumn Leaves"

Kathleen Bissett was our guest speaker for the evening. An accomplished artist and educator residing in Waterloo; she has published her own patterns, given many a workshop and served as Vice-President and President of the CQA. She has also received the CQA's 1998 Dorothy McMurie Award for significant contributions to the world of Canadian quilting and Canadian quilt heritage. A complete resume can be found on her website Her lecture The Colour of My Quilts was very informative.

Posted at the front was a colour wheel, which she says she frequently refers too when creating her quilts, although only "as a reminder, not a bible". She reminded us that quilters should think of their fabric stash as their palette and we mix our fabrics to create the colours we want. Using Trip Around the World and Log Cabin blocks as examples she showed us how changing the placement of colour and contrasts can radically change a piece.

Here she used the same focus fabrics and pattern but changed the colour schemes:

and again here using the Ricky Tims Harmonic Convergence pattern:

During the break, Rose helped Kathleen sell her patterns:

She then showed us Star Dance, her original modular coffee table design. " You make quilts for beds, and for walls, it's time to move on to other surfaces in the house!" she says. This is similar to the workshop she held on Friday. ( I will post photos of this, as soon as I receive them)

The LFQG would like to thank Kathleen for a very informative presentation!

In Search of the Centennial Quilt
Sunbonnet Sue is proud to add another block to the search of the Centennial quilt for Nancy-Rose. Readers may remember that Nancy had received a bundle of triangles that were for a "Centennial quilt", but no pattern.

Good news! A pattern book has been found. It was a pattern book of blocks but not for a completed quilt.

And here Maureen H. displays a Centennial quilt that her father had bought for her mother. He had purchased it from a native woman who lived on either the Muncey or Oneida reserves in Southwold. We do not know the name of the woman who made this quilt.

If anyone else can add more "blocks" to our Centennial quilt mystery, please email me!

Other business:
Here ladies choose a Christmas Craft Workshop for next month's guild meeting:

Lots of Kids' Quilts for the Children's Aid Society! Outreach would like to remind you that members are welcome to Penny's house Monday, November 12 to get together to work on more Kids' Quilts, phone Penny for details.

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