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Sunday, July 1, 2007

My First Quilt: Carol V

My best friend Christine and I, decided to take a quilting course offered through the PUC in 1995. Previously we had taken a stained glass course together and had such a great time, we wanted to try something else and Christine suggested quilting. I found all my notes I had taken during the course, including swatches of the fabric. The course was taught be a D. Shea...where is she now? I would like to thank her for the beginning of what turned out to be such an addictive hobby!

It was a sampler wall hanging, the names of the blocks were (clockwise from left top) 'Card Tricks', 'Eddystone Light', 'Weather Vane' and the applique was '4 Tulips'. I bought the fabric from the now defunct Duthler's Textiles. I had fallen in love with the blue starry fabric, I had to have some! I was so into stars back then :)

Here is a close up of the label I cross-stitched to match 'Eddystone Light' block. Before I got into quilting, I was very much into cross-stitch and I love to mix the two.

Carol V.

You can visit Carol's blog here. We look forward to seeing Christine's version of her first quilt sampler, too! Please send in an email of your first quilt to lfqguild at

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