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Sunday, June 10, 2007

June Banquet

The June Banquet will be held at the Best Western Stoneridge Inn in Lambeth, off of Colonel Talbot Rd (Hwy 4), just south of the 401. The doors open at 6PM and a cash bar will be open then. You must have a ticket to attend, which includes dinner, and Joan Reive is the guest speaker. As this is the final get together before next September, if you have any outstanding library books, please, please bring them with you to the dinner or arrange with Lynn D. to have them picked up.

The blog never stops...
As Editor of the blog, I hope everyone has enjoyed our efforts to bring the Guild into the 21st Century, it certainly has been our theme for the year! We have established a web page, email addresses, and a blog. Quilting is wonderful tradition, full of interesting stories, techniques and craftmanship, art, and history. It needs to be kept alive for future generations! Unfortunately, many of the traditional ways quilting was passed on, mother to daughter, guilds, women's auxillaries, fairs, church groups, home economics classes, and quilting bees, are becoming more rare; seen by some as "old-fashioned". Things like the decline in church attendance, the break down of the nuclear family, and the women's movement, the 2 income family, long distance moves, all contribute to the breakdown of the old ways of passing on these traditions.

Fortunately, the computer is not all bad! 'Surfing the net' can actually bring people from around the world together, making the world a smaller place. I have found a huge quilting community that uses the computer to pass on all these traditions. Group activities like fabric swaps, and block swaps take place with people from around the world! The exchange of information and inspiration can happen at break-neck speed with the internet. Our guild can use the computer world to our advantage, bring in new members and share ideas, skills, and stories. Having said that though, the local guild is still very relevant. It is where we meet our fellow quilters face to face and enjoy each other's company, see and touch real quilts, not just photos on the net! This is truly a friendship guild! We must be doing something right because our membership is growing!

After the dinner, we may not see each other until September, but the blog goes on! I will continue posting during the summer months, so please check in occasionally. I have had a request by a member for a Q&A about quilting concerns. I think the summer might be a good time to experiment with that. If you have a question about quilting, just email me (lfqguild at, and I will try to find you an answer and post it on the blog. After that anyone who cares to comment and offer their suggestions, please feel free to do so. There is often more than one answer to a problem. I will be calling this feature 'Dear Sun Bonnet Sue' so please put that in the subject on your email. I also plan on offering an on-line show and tell, called "My First Quilt", so dig out those photos and email me your photos and your stories about your first quilt! And finally, Linda G, will be offering a small challenge for September, the details of which she will post at a later date. We'll keep you quilty during the summer months too!

Enjoy your summer! See you in September!

Carol V.
Editor of Blog

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