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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Road Trip!

We left the Ramada Inn just after 8 AM and made it into Waterloo about 9:20. Our first stop was the Kitchener/Waterloo Art Gallery (kw/ag) to see the Grand National Quilt Show 2007 "Fantasy". This was a fantastic display of quilting and fibre art by 64 Canadian artists.

Here is the Ethlyndryal the Protector by Hilary Rice, a mixed media quilt that includes some metallic work and embellishments. Double click on the photo below to get a better look at her amazing work (also remember she will be doing a workshop at the Russian Quilt show in Ailsa Craig!)

We then boarded the bus again at about 10:30 and we were off to the Waterloo County International Quilt Festival held at Rim Park. Here are a few photos of my favourites out of over 200 quilts we viewed...enjoy!

The first few are of some of the CQA/ACC Juried Show winners of excellence in Canadian contemporary quilting.

Above Zodiac by Martha Brown, below Camelot by Judy Garden:

"Celebrating, Sewing, Showing, Sharing" by Della Radcliffe and Judy Morningstar:

Ontario Juried Quilt Show 2007, "Elephant Walk" by Winnifred Masson:

Here is one sample of the 12 embellishment artists on display: Hot Lava

One exhibit from Austria, highlighted the achievements of her greatest women in music, literature, art or science. This one shows the different dirndls from different areas of Austria.

Also on display were entries into the Ontario Juried Quilt Show. Below is a detail close up of one from Reta Budd:

Also there were the 2006 Hoffman Challenge Winners' Collection of wallhangings and wearables.

And then there was the vendor exhibit! I know I spent my budget for the day! Did you know that our vp is a very spontaneous person? She managed to arrange another side trip to Kitchener Textiles where the gave us all a 20% discount. Then it was off to Shakespeare to The Quilt Place to view the "Journeys in Cloth" exhibit featuring the works of Rosemary Plummer and the miniatures of Henny Bremer. Then home to London by 6PM! Whew! What a day!

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Fran said...

Wow ! Carol, you have captured here, some of the more spectacular pieces of fabric art from the Waterloo Show. Thank you for alerting me to the work of Reta Budd and Hillary Rice. For those of us on the bus trip have succeeded in bringing home some memories and for those who couldn't go...these pics say it all.