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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This Thursday's Meeting with Robyn Pandolph

Hello London Friendship Quilting Guild Members,

Robyn Randolph has arrived in Canada...burr no Texas
weather to greet her.

Our meeting will be upstairs & full meeting, there will
be no Show & Share & no refreshments served. You may
want to bring bottled water or juice for the Break time
downstairs. The upstairs of the church will be lit up,
enter as usual at the side door. Elizabeth M & Christine R
will greet you, please sign in as you enter.

Lynn D. will open the library at 6:15, so you can return
books and have a look at others.

We will be having a auction of a working Vintage Singer
Sewing Machine,as shown in photo below We will also auction
off our Mystery Box, so bring cheque or cash & participate
in this fun Guild event.

If you can carpool with someone that would be helpful to
control the parking lot situation.
This Thursday will be a fun memorable evening...see you there!

Best regards,

Cynthia M-R

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