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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Guest Speaker: Robyn Pandolph

Robyn Pandolph's quilting designs and inspiration came originally from her grandmother, who was a prolific quilter. "UFO's are nothing new!" she says, as told us of how her grandmother would routinely give tours of her quilting projects on the go, baskets of fabric to be cut, quilt on the frame, quilts by the machine. Although taught to sew at age 9, she didn't take up quilting herself until her own 4 children were a little older. She thought all quilts should remind her of her grandmother, so she liked to over-dye and bleach her fabrics to give them a 'vintage' look. The softer and more peaceful, the better. She designed all her own quilts and was soon asked to teach at the local store and she joined the Lakeview Quilters Guild.

She came up with the first Block of the Month design called Folk Art Angel to be introduced at Quilt Market in 1994. It was a hit and she started her own quilt pattern company, which lasted about 8 or 9 years. Although that company no longer exists, she says you can still find some of her patterns at

At Quilt Market her over-dyed and bleached Folk Art Wedding quilt was such a hit that in 1997 Moda fabrics asked Robyn to work for them as a fabric designer. When everyone was producing dark fabrics, her soft romantic look became the new rage. In 1998, she came out with her first fabric design. She was told that if 100,000 bolts were ordered that she would be lucky; she had 300,000 bolts ordered of her first design! She worked for Moda for 7 years. Needing a change, she was enticed to move to South Sea Imports. She worked for them for 3 years and now she is happy to announce her new home at Free Spirit and her new line Empress Woo.

Robyn did her amazing trunk show to a full church of about 145 people.

Robyn's fabric and books, were available for sale from Sharon at Quilter Supply in Hyde Park. Robyn stayed for awhile to sign books.

A pat on the back and a great deal of thanks Quilter Supply and Quilt Works for help sponsoring this event, and the membership for 2 years of fundraising, and Barb A. and the LFQG Executive for help coordinating this event, and of course to Robyn for an amazing show!

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