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Thursday, December 27, 2007

December Mail Box

These are the selection posted to the guild mailbox this month. These are beautiful and very much fun. Click back through our earlier blogposts for more.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Quilt Guild Bingo

For the January meeting, we will be holding a Quilt Guild Bingo! The idea was originally published in September/October 2006 Fons and Porter. Each member is asked to make a fabric bingo card and use buttons as markers. The tickets will be called out, ie "Under the blue row, paisley." If you have such a square, place a button marker on that square. The first person to cover one row of 5 squares in any direction wins.

The card is made up of 25 - 2.5 inch fabric squares. You will need to make 5 colour rows: 1) blue 2) red 3) green 4) yellow&/or orange 5) pink &/or purple of fabric in the following categories: batik, floral, geometric, heart, leaf, metallic, holiday, novelty, paisley, plaid, solid, star, stripe, or 1930's print. The rows can be in any order, except that row #3 must have a black centre square.

From the above sample: left row, from top to bottom: Blue batik, blue novelty, blue plaid, blue stars or hearts, blue flowers or leaves. Note that it is possible that the same square can be in more than one category, but the blue star or heart, cannot be a red heart. Even though the heart itself is red, it is not in the red row.

If you have not received your copy of the instructions, email or phone Christine R. or myself and we will make arrangements to get you a copy. Here are a few more samples:

Guild Challenge May 2008: Ocean Songs

Study this fabric ladies!

Dream about it! Make drawings! Scan it into your EQ! Free associate! Think Fish!

Welcome to this year's guild challenge. At our December meeting we gave away a fat quarter of Laurel Burch's Ocean Songs fabric. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to use all or some of this fabric in a quilted piece. It's that simple.

Ok, there are a few rules:

*The challenge fabric must be visible on the front of the piece. No hiding it as backing!

*Sides must measure no more than 200" in total.

*It may be a quilted wearable or quilted decorative piece,or whatever you can think of, as long as it is quilted.

*Must be completed by and brought to the May 8, 2008 meeting.

Each member receives a fat quarter, and participation is not mandatory, but please consider making something, we did just give you a free fat quarter! (no quilt guilt, here) Our goal is to have a special section of next year's quilt show showcasing these (I am sure to be) lovely entries into the challenge! Imagine how lovely it will look! To those not in attendance at the last meeting the fat quarter will be available at the next meeting, too.

Hands on Christmas

It was a great turn out, despite the weather! There was a lot of calories on the snack table; we had more than enough treats, that's for sure!Thank you ladies! We started the evening off with our usual Show and Share, with Chrismas as our theme. Beautiful quilts and wallhangings! Cynthia interrupted the evening several times with her jingle bells, signaling another draw for a fat quarter and for a few patterns as well!

After snack, each executive member held a mini demo for a christmas decoration.

Deb's pincushion ornament

Cynthia N's button wreath

Cynthia M-R's felt mittens

Linda's coasters

Lynn's star ornament

Phyllis and Christine's yo-yos

Rose's stuffed snowmen

It was newsletter time! If you were unable to attend the meeting, your newsletter will be mailed to you. We were also giving out a fat quarter from Laurel Birch's Ocean Songs for this year's guild challenge. The details of the challenge is in the newsletter and there will be a separate post about it on this blog. The evening ended with more draws, this time for plates of left over snacks! And to top it all off, we managed to finish the evening by 9PM

Christine and Deb: reception

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Next Meeting: Thursday, December 13, 7PM

Christmas Cheer is the theme of our last meeting before the holidays! So don't forget to bring your Christmas themed Show and Share and to drop off any fabric postcards for our postcard swap if you made them. The guild executive will be conducting workshops on various Christmas decorations, so please remember your materials for the one that you signed up for! Also, this year's guild challenge will be announced! Be there to receive instructions and a special gift from the guild to the members! Ho! Ho! Ho!

And keeping in that theme, our Secret Notion is the half dozen treats we are asking each member to bring for break time! Remember the treats and get a ticket for the FQ draw! Remember your name tag, chatelaine, and a mug and you will receive another ticket for each of the items brought! 4 chances to win a free fat quarter!!!

Sign up sheets will be available at the next meeting for the following:
Friday, February 15th : John Willard's Spontaneous Geometrics workshop, cost $35.00

Saturday, February 23: Quilt til You Wilt, Stonebridge Inn, cost $60.00

Donations are welcome for the following:
CQA door prizes: any small quilty items will do, by April 10th, 2008; each will be labeled "donated by the LFQG".

Toonie Table, Harvest of Quilts Show 2008: any small quilty items will do; due date: summer 2008, exact date TBA.

Also, keep this in mind....
We will be having a rummage sale at the January meeting and the proceeds will be going to Outreach to buy supplies for the making of the Kids Quilts. A very worthy cause! So if you are cleaning out your "resource centre" and you want to make space for the new, try donating those extra quilt magazines, quilt books, unused patterns or kits, fabric, etc.

See you there!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bissett Workshop Photos

Sorry for the delay here are the photos from Kathleen Bissett's Modular Coffee Table Quilt workshop:

UFO Madness Nov 24

Amongst the chaos

and the laughter,

much was accomplished!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

November Fabric Post Cards

Which one would you like to see in your mail box? All you need to do is bring a prepared fabric postcard with your return address and a short message to our guild meeting. Drop it in the collection box. If you forget a stamp, don't worry, we will stamp it for you. The Postcards are taken to the Post Offce to be hand-cancelled and delivered to another happy Fibre-artist.

For detailed instructions click on this link.

Guest Speaker: Kathleen Bissett

Kathleen Bissett with "Autumn Leaves"

Kathleen Bissett was our guest speaker for the evening. An accomplished artist and educator residing in Waterloo; she has published her own patterns, given many a workshop and served as Vice-President and President of the CQA. She has also received the CQA's 1998 Dorothy McMurie Award for significant contributions to the world of Canadian quilting and Canadian quilt heritage. A complete resume can be found on her website Her lecture The Colour of My Quilts was very informative.

Posted at the front was a colour wheel, which she says she frequently refers too when creating her quilts, although only "as a reminder, not a bible". She reminded us that quilters should think of their fabric stash as their palette and we mix our fabrics to create the colours we want. Using Trip Around the World and Log Cabin blocks as examples she showed us how changing the placement of colour and contrasts can radically change a piece.

Here she used the same focus fabrics and pattern but changed the colour schemes:

and again here using the Ricky Tims Harmonic Convergence pattern:

During the break, Rose helped Kathleen sell her patterns:

She then showed us Star Dance, her original modular coffee table design. " You make quilts for beds, and for walls, it's time to move on to other surfaces in the house!" she says. This is similar to the workshop she held on Friday. ( I will post photos of this, as soon as I receive them)

The LFQG would like to thank Kathleen for a very informative presentation!

In Search of the Centennial Quilt
Sunbonnet Sue is proud to add another block to the search of the Centennial quilt for Nancy-Rose. Readers may remember that Nancy had received a bundle of triangles that were for a "Centennial quilt", but no pattern.

Good news! A pattern book has been found. It was a pattern book of blocks but not for a completed quilt.

And here Maureen H. displays a Centennial quilt that her father had bought for her mother. He had purchased it from a native woman who lived on either the Muncey or Oneida reserves in Southwold. We do not know the name of the woman who made this quilt.

If anyone else can add more "blocks" to our Centennial quilt mystery, please email me!

Other business:
Here ladies choose a Christmas Craft Workshop for next month's guild meeting:

Lots of Kids' Quilts for the Children's Aid Society! Outreach would like to remind you that members are welcome to Penny's house Monday, November 12 to get together to work on more Kids' Quilts, phone Penny for details.