Tuesday, December 3, 2019

December 12 Meeting Reminders

The program committee has planned a wonderful evening!  All hush hush so you will surprised!! Please feel free to wear a scarf and please bring a mug and a pen.

Also don't forget to bring: Name tag, Chatelaine, and  Notion of the month:y toiletry items, mittens and other warm gear for My Sisters Place her in London.

Monday, November 18, 2019

November Meeting

Members were welcomed to meeting at 7:00 pm sharp by President, Sharon, with the following opening remarks:
-  Minutes of October 10, 2019 Membership Meeting adopted.
-  Reminder all workshop registrations are being taken by the Program Committee and members are encouraged to sign up during the break. Next retreat day is November 23 and the Hummingbird Appliqué workshop with Kerry Burke tomorrow are a few upcoming Guild events.
-  Joan Hilhorst from Sew Creative was thanked for being the evening’s vendor.
-  Guest speaker and workshop host, Kerry Burke of Simple Bird Studio was introduced.
New format is for the guest speaker to present before the Guild’s business part of the meeting.

Guest Speaker - Kerry Burke of Simple Bird Studio

-  Kerry thanked Yvonne Y for hosting dinner and overnight stay this evening at her home.
-  Kerry recounted how her interest in quilts developed as a young girl with her parents renting a cottage in Gananoque. A quilt was on every bed. At 15 years of age she made her first quilt in Home Economics from a pattern in the Toronto Star magazine edition. It had 1 inch seams, school colours (unintentionally) and, as no one in her family sewed, no guidance was available. She received a mark of 100%.   This  encouraged her to learn various techniques to the point where she owned her quilt shop, won various awards and designs original patterns.
-  At the workshop, she will teach a new appliqué method that provides consistent results. Kerry uses this method in all her quilts with great success.
-  A trunk show, including her very first quilt to current ones were shown. Various techniques were highlighted.
-  A free pattern, Peggy’s Puzzle, is on her website simplebirdapplique.com  and blog. She also has a Facebook account, YouTube videos and may be contacted at burke.kerry@ymail.com for hand-appliqués supplies, patterns, classes and questions.

Sharon reported that Roxene Chaulk, a former member of the LFQG and a founding member of the Elgin Piecemakers  sadly passed away.  She will be missed.

Outreach Community Outreach
Edith  thanked members as 8 finished quilts turned in, 42 placemats for Meals on Wheels initiative upcoming in December and 5 tops to add to the 40+ she has at her home.
Members reminded to complete a ticket for a $100 draw in May for each time a  quilt is quilted and again if binding is done.

-   Kerry Burke, Hummingbird Hand Appliqué Workshop tomorrow.
-  Quilt Retreat on Saturday, November 23 from 9 am to 8 pm at the Church. Cost is $25, dinner included.
-  December’s meeting is a surprise and a fun filled evening is planned. Please bring a mug and a pen.
-  January, Anne Lyons is hosting a workshop on paper piecing.
-  February is the Guild’s annual rummage sale with all proceeds to the Outreach Program.
-  Teresa  explained the monthly challenge draw is for 16 blocks. Mibsie won the heart blocks. Next month’s pattern of a leaf handed out. Winner each month can use to create a quilt of their own or donate to Outreach. 

Quilt Show 2020
Lorna pleased to advise Siloam United Church, Fanshawe Park Road is the confirmed venue.
Show to be held Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24, 2020.  More news to follow!!

President Sharon thanked Sharon T. for all the work she’s done to review the current Constitution and propose amendments.
-  Sharon T. reported a draft document was sent to the membership last evening. Excellent feedback received to date. 
Revised draft document will be sent out again in January for final approval at Annual General Meeting.

Show and Tell
Susan A

Charlene - Gypsy Wife

Kristine D 
Sharon G - Kaffe Fassett

Sharon G - Christmas tree

Ruth M - Large Basket quilt

Ruth M  - Goat Wall Hanging

Rachel M - baby quilt

Teresa B  - Buzz Saw
Yvonne Y - Lisa the Unicorn for my granddaughter Amy
(as I take the pictures at the meetings it is easier to take my show and tell pic at home,,,)

Monday, November 11, 2019

November 14 Meeting

Our guest speaker on November 14 is Kerry Burke.  Her trunk show will feature  hand applique quilts.  The vendor is Sew Creative. Don't forget to bring: Name tag, Chatelaine, and  Notion of the month: Wear a poppy. For an extra ticket for fat quarter draw bring a guest to the meeting.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Friendly Reminder

This Saturday, November 2 is a Sew In Day for the Out Reach program.  Starting at 9 am and goes to 4 pm.  You can come for the morning or the afternoon or all day...  Please bring a lunch if you are there for the day.  Bring your sewing machine, thread and quilting tools...  Edith will have kits for you to sew or quilts to put together to quilt...  Please email Kim to let her know so she can prepare the tea and coffee.   kjzwicker1164@live.ca

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Octobers 10, 2019 Meeting

Members welcomed to meeting at 7:00 pm sharp by President, Sharon R.
New format is for the guest speaker to present before the Guild’s business part of the meeting.

Vendor - K & A Quilt Studio
Kim introduced Ann, part owner with her best friend, Kate, who could not attend due to sickness. The Studio is located in Ingersoll, 160 Ingersoll Street South, minutes from the 401. It features retail space plus a spacious studio workplace/classroom for teaching.

Guest Speaker - Sandra Thomas
Kim introduced Sandra who has a diverse background,  dating back to 1973, starting with sewing, needle craft, embroidery, beading, weaving and quilting. Sandra studied early on with Angelina Di Bello, Montreal, and since then she has made over 135 garments - vests and jackets. She showed 30, as part of her trunk show, and also 15 wallhangings and quilts. Guild members modeled the garments, highlighting various techniques - pleating, beading, handmade button loops, etc. Most garments are quilted tops to the batting, not sandwiched to the lining. Some summer wear had no batting.
Sandra has won various awards and continues to share her knowledge through her teachings.

 After a break we commenced the business part of the meeting.

 Community Outreach
Edith W. advised quilts are coming in slowly, 2 tonight. Of the 5 turned in previously, 4 were taken to Children’s Aid and the remaining 1 is allocated to Rotholme to be delivered when more are available.  Penny brought in 13 kits to be quilted, members encouraged to take home. No need to be an expert, nor is machine quilting required - embroidery thread tied every six inches is acceptable.
- From the sign up sheet last month, 16 backs completed. Over 50 tops at Edith’s house so lots of work to be done.
- Members reminded placemats for Meals on Wheels are done every December. Any colour, shape, seasonal or not, reversible or not - no restrictions.
-  Sew In Day on November 2 at Church from 9 am to 4 pm. Come for as long as you wish. Kits will be available. 

Kim Zwicker:
-  November - Kerry Burke, Hummingbird Hand Appliqué. Workshop on November 15 from 9 am to 4 pm Cost $45.
-  Outreach Day, although no cost, sign up to give an idea of refreshments needed.
-  November 23 - Mini Quilting Retreat at Church, cost of $25 includes dinner but bring your own lunch. From 9 am to 8 pm.
Teresa Blum announced a monthly challenge with a different pattern and sample for a block each month. Participants hand in at next meeting and depending on the number of participants, 1 or 2 people will get the blocks and can either keep or donate to Outreach. Each block 12” finished. Heart Trio block pattern handed out.

New Business
President Sharon read a notice from First St. Andrew’s United Church, 350 Queens Avenue, of a quilter’s   supplies sale. A former member bequeathed her supplies to the Church and a sale will be held Wednesday, October 30th from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm. Cash or Credit only.

Show and Tell 

Sheila W

Nancy P Wild Pacific Lighthouse

Nancy P   Summer Garden

Lorna M  Midnight Garden

Teresa B - Purse