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Friday, August 16, 2019

Notion for September

As you may be aware, Mary W, Mibsie, and Sharon R got together to make hospital gowns for Operation Smile.  After surgery to fix their cleft palate, the children are given a Smile Bag.  Our notion for September are items that would go into these Smile Bags.  We hope this gives you a heads up and time to go shopping... I included the directions for sewing the Smile bags if you would like to make one or more... that would count as a notion (for a ticket for the draw for a fat quarter)

After receiving surgery, each child receives a Smile Bag, the perfect gift to cheer up a healing child. Smile Bags are filled with small personal care items as well as toys, stickers and a mirror to see their new smile. We need community volunteers to collect the personal care items and sew cloth Smile Bags. 
Operation Smile is in need of the following items to include in a patient's Smile Bag: 
  • Small shampoo (.85 to 1.4 oz size, screw-on top only)
  • Small comb (no rat tails)
  • New wash cloth
  • Bar of soap (small hotel size) 
  • Travel-sized toothpaste (at least 6 months from expiration date)
  • Child-sized toothbrush (single package)
  • Small stuffed animal (Beanie Baby® size)
  • 8-pack box of non-toxic crayons
  • Thin 8.5” x 11” coloring book
  • Small square mirror (approximate size 3”x 3”)
Please do not send personal hygiene items such as dental floss, body lotion, and baby oil. Additionally, we will not accept large personal hygiene items considering the volume of items we will need to ship to a medical mission site. We will not accept any type of food product, like candy and gum; shipping regulations prohibit sending food items across international borders.  


Smile Bags are 14"H by 12”W, made of sturdy cotton fabric and are closed by a drawstring at the top. The bag is sized to hold a thin, 8.5” x 11” coloring book. 
Follow the instructions below to create your own Smile Bag. 
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Shears or scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Brightly colored, sturdy cotton fabric
  • Cotton cording or sturdy ribbon for the drawstring
  • Thread
  • Tacky Glue® or Stop Fray®
  1. Cut your fabric to the desired size. Since your finished Smile Bag will be 14"H x 12”W, you want fabric that is at least 28" + 3" x 12" + 1" (31”x13”.)
  2. Lay your fabric finished side down on the ironing board. Fold one of the shorter edges of your fabric up ¼" and press. Then fold again 1" and press again. This fold will create your casing for the drawstring. Repeat on the other short edge.
  3. Sew close to the top of the fold to secure the casing for the drawstring. Be sure to overstitch at the beginning and end by reversing your stitches in order to secure them. This is especially important as the seam will be stressed by pulling the drawstring through it.

4. Turn your bag inside out and press seams flat.
5. Fold your bag in half, finished sides together. Pin up the sides, stopping where your casing begins. Sew the sides using a ¼" seam, stopping right where your casing begins.

6. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon or cording to desired length. We recommend a length that is double the width of your bag, with an additional 8" for knotting. Put a safety pin through the ribbon or cord. If it is something that frays easily, wrap it with a little tape before inserting the safety pin. To make it easy to pass through the casing, use the biggest safety pin that will fit through your casing easily.

7. Using the safety pin to hold on to, thread your drawstring into the casing, passing it along inch by inch. Go in one side, through to the other side, and come out where you started.

8. Do the same with the other ribbon, but start on the opposite side this time. When you are done, you'll have the picture below.

9. Tie a simple knot to secure your drawstring by holding the two ends of one string even, forming a loop in the ribbon and pulling the end through. You can make the knot quite close to the bag.  Repeat on the other side.

10. Cut the ends of your ribbon off even, an inch from your knot -- or closer/further depending on what you want. If your drawstring ribbon or cord might fray, dab it with a little craft glue (like Tacky Glue®) or fray stopping liquid (such as Stop Fray®) and let it dry.

Note: This bag will have exposed, unfinished seams on the inside. You are welcome to finish the inside seams with a zig-zag stitch or serger to make the bag sturdier but this is not required.


OutReach Sew In Day

We hope you have Saturday August 24 marked on your calendar.  On this day from 9 am to 4 pm we will be working on Charity quilts.  Please bring your sewing machines and quilting tools to help with these quilts with Edith.  Come for the morning, or the afternoon or all day!  If you stay all day please bring your lunch... coffee and tea will be provided.  See you there!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Friendly reminder that this Saturday is a sewing day for the OutReach program.  July 13 from 9 - 4 and bring your lunch...  The OutReach sew in day in August is on the 24.  See you there!
Mibsie, Sharon G. and Sharon R. and Mary W are making operating gowns for Operation Smile. ‘Donations of fabric and seam binding were greatly appreciated by guild members as well.’

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Banquet Teaser

Kim has posted pictures in Facebook about the prizes participants will win...    She is teasing us so be sure to buy your tickets so you can see what the BUZZ is all about!!!  Please note that the deadline for ordering tickets is June 4.

An Upcoming workshop

I am looking to notify the members of your London guild about an upcoming workshop in London on June 15th at Stache Fabric and Notions in downtown London (211 King St.).

  • $45 
  • Half day workshop (5-6 hours or so including break) starting at 9:30AM
  • Batik and batting provided
  • Backing fabric must be brought or bought
  • Work through making the table runner + 1 placemat, then finished on their own time
I have included the workshop poster and some pictures of a sample project. If there is any way that you could direct me to a place where I could submit a poster, or allow me to post in your Facebook group to your members I would very much appreciate it!
David Fitzsimmons
Miiru Trading

Saturday, May 18, 2019

May Meeting

Next Year's Executive

President - Sharon R
Vice President - Mary W
Secretary - Sharon G
Treasurer - Sharon T
Blog - Yvonne Y
Library - Susan C
Membership - Judy B
Out Reach - Edith W
Program - Kim Z

The CQA Guild Challenge winners
Lorna  - first place - her quilt will be sent to CQA
Lucille - second place
Lindsay - third place

Lorna's quilt

The Banquet is on June 13 at the Highland Country Club at 1922 Highland Heights, London, On.  There will be an Iron Quilter Competition that starts at 6 pm. Tickets are $40.00.  Email Kim for tickets at  
The winner of the $100.00 visa card is Lorna.  You get a ticket if you quilt a quilt or bind a quilt for the Out Reach program. Edith reported that 1/3 of the membership has helped put quilt tops together, quilt and bind these quilts.

Lorraine reported that Home County has lost Arts funding due to the Ford Government cuts. So we will not be participating at the Home County as we did in the last few years.

Upcoming dates:
June 22 - Retreat Day 9-4
July 13 Out Reach sewing day 9-4
August 24 Out Reach sewing day 9-4

There will be a Crossover Potluck on August 15 at Edith's starting at 6 pm.  This is when the new executive begins their duties...

Quilts of Valour

Show and Tell
Beth  front

Beth - back

Barb B

Barb B


Ronda - Hexagon Star

Susan D- Fleur - Paris Flea Market

Charlene - Gypsy Wife pattern by Jen Kingsmill

Joy - Falling Charms

Joy - Rhythm and Blues

Toni - Retro Gaming Revival Quilt Along she is doing

Mary Jane - backpack

Mary Jane - Aztec Sky